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chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The red-orange colored puree consists of 100% blood orange juice and pulp.
3): body yellow, 6 red-orange bands below the dorsal fin, the upper 3 from the nape, the 3 lower from opercle and extending to the caudal peduncle, the 2 ventral most forming a single broad band posteriorly to scaled part of the caudal fin; head yellow with 5 red-orange bands 1 each above and below the eye, 3 from the jaw to the eye and extending to the opercle opening and approximatelly aligned with the bands on the body; dorsal and anal fin yellow, a single red spot with pale blue margin at each membrane base, paler and smaller on the soft portion, faint dusky spots over the remaining fin; caudal fin yellow with small red-orange spots close to the fin base, paired fins transparent, pectoral red-orange at the base.
Yellow highlights plasma moving along the sun's magnetic fields, and red-orange helps highlight the sun's plasma at 50,000[degrees] Celsius.
The tree tops covered with red-orange flowers are seen almost everywhere in the UAE, from parks to the road-side.
1 | A He used a split complementary color scheme--blue, yellow-orange and red-orange, the same scheme of colors seen in Ten Grapes.
There is a little original color under the fingers that looks like a bright red-orange color; don't know if that color is true; seems like there were about four to six colors.
Det Chief Insp Nigel Wilkinson said: "They obtained cash, but we suspect they set off the security cannister's red-orange dye which would have covered the money and them.
Here, red-orange pumpkins mingle with glory lilies, pomegranates, red winter berries, and--most surprisingly golden and cherry tomatoes.
5W ASMT-QWB2 (white) and ASMT-QxB2 (amber, red-orange and red) series of SMT LEDs, which are available in white, amber, red-orange and red colors, feature a 120[degrees] viewing angle and are optimized for operating life in severe environmental conditions.
In the early days of Synod, there was also a small bowl that held Gordon, a red-orange fish.
I'd use one orange Asiatic Lily, three red-orange Heliconia, and five green Anthuriums.