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A British soldier, especially one serving during the American Revolution.


1. (Historical Terms) (formerly) a British soldier
2. (Military) (formerly) a British soldier
[C16: from the colour of the uniform jacket]



(esp. during the American Revolution) a British soldier.
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Noun1.redcoat - British soldierredcoat - British soldier; so-called because of his red coat (especially during the American Revolution)
soldier - an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army; "the soldiers stood at attention"
References in classic literature ?
So now, at last, the free town of Boston was guarded and overawed by redcoats as it had been in the days of old Sir Edmund Andros.
These British redcoats ought to have been driven back to their vessels the very moment they landed on Long Wharf.
Here Grandfather described the state of things which arose from the ill will that existed between the inhabitants and the redcoats.
There will rise a war - a war of eight thousand redcoats.
Do underlings order the goings of eight thousand redcoats -with guns?
Georgy loved the redcoats, and his grandpapa told him how his father had been a famous soldier, and introduced him to many sergeants and others with Waterloo medals on their breasts, to whom the old grandfather pompously presented the child as the son of Captain Osborne of the --th, who died gloriously on the glorious eighteenth.
Violence broke out on March 5, 1770 when some boys throwing snowballs at a British sentry attracted an angry mob, which a group of redcoats eventually fired upon.
SOME 150 schoolchildren from Newport primary schools will be facing redcoats as part of a re-enactment of the Chartist Uprising of 1839.
However, this is the first time I have been asked to lead a charge of Highland soldiers through Waverley station to attack Redcoats.
Starting in Glasgow on November 14, the firm will embark on a nationwide Recruitment Roadshow, offering jobs as Fun Stars at 35 Haven Holiday parks or Redcoats at its three Butlins resorts.