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A member of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, a Roman Catholic order founded in 1732 by Saint Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787).

[French rédemptoriste, from Late Latin redēmptor, redeemer, from Latin, contractor, from redēmptus, past participle of redimere, to buy back; see redeem.]


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a member of a religious congregation founded in 1732 to do missionary work among the poor
[C19: from French redemptoriste, from Old French or Latin redemptor, from Latin redimere, see redeem]


(rɪˈdɛmp tər ɪst)

a member of the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, an order of priests and lay brothers founded by St. Alphonsus Liguori in 1732.
[1825–35; < French rédemptoriste < Late Latin redēmptor (Latin redēm-, variant s. of redimere to redeem)]


a member of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, a Catholic order devoted to the education of the poor.
See also: Monks and Nuns
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I am Buddhist, but I've known God since I began attending [veterans] gatherings held by the Redemptorists since 2013," he said.
A ministry of the Redemptorists, Liguori publishes thought-provoking and inspirational print and digital books, catechetical and faith formation materials, and its signature magazine, Liguorian.
Michael Brehl, superior general of the Redemptorists, summoned Tony Flannery to Rome on three occasions, telling him little more than that the accusations against him were grave.
Bishop Kevin Dowling is the bishop of Rustenburg, South Africa and a member of the Redemptorists.
The 66-year-old, who joined the Redemptorists in 1964, said he has been told by the Vatican that if he wants to remain in the church and in his congregation he must stop any involvement with the liberal Association of Catholic Priests, which he founded.
In parish missions, Redemptorists often delivered their talks in a fire-and-brimstone style to enliven the instruction in faith and morals.
The Congregation is also known as the Transalpine Redemptorists and has about fifteen members.
In sections on geographies, the arts, and instruments, they consider such topics as devotions and the old rite, the Redemptorists and the shaping of Irish popular devotion 1851-1965, the visual rhetoric of medals representing 19th-century Marian apparitions, the instruments of medieval revivalism in 19th-century art and architecture, and religious emblems and cultural identity in Northern Ireland.
The Transalpine Redemptorists on Papa Stronsay in Orkney divided in a row over religious direction.
He was encouraged to pursue advanced studies so that he could contribute to the intellectual formation of members of his institute, the Redemptorists.
He had joined the Redemptorists at 16, training at Hawkstone Park, Shropshire.