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n.1.(Civil Law) The annulling of a sale, and the return by the buyer of the article sold, on account of some defect.
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La panne des instances de redhibition est reelle devant des ecueils politiques.
This Section addresses the basic principles relied on in the creation of the Subsequent Purchaser Doctrine, including the distinction between real and personal rights, the rights of parties to a lease, and the warranty against redhibition.
This Section also focuses on the underlying principles and justifications used by courts in the application and maintenance of the doctrine in the face of damage caused by former lessees and the implied warranty against redhibition.
108) The warranty against redhibition is limited to hidden defects, and there is no action for disclosed or apparent defects.
The Louisiana Court of Appeal wasted little time with redhibition, but it did discuss the principal claim made by the surety that the supplier's notice failed to comply with Louisiana law in that it referred to the contract number as E-021-91, when the correct contract number was E-011-91.
On se rappellera la visite inopinee, il y a quelques temps, du ministre delegue de l'Interieur, Cherqui Draiss, au cours de laquelle il a ete convenu que les procedures de sanction et redhibition seraient entamees contre tous les contrevenants et les complices qualifies, en effet, par le responsable gouvernemental fort ecoeure, photos deplorables des illiceites brandies a l'assistance, de [beaucoup moins que] mafias du foncier [beaucoup plus grand que].