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n.1.A reserve force in the Turkish army, or a soldier of the reserve. See Army organization, above.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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[3] REDIF, S., "Convolutive blind signal separation via polynomial matrix generalized eigenvalue decomposition," Electronics Letters, vol.
Politically, we may have problems, but we still want Turkey to help us," said Redif Mustafa, a Syrian Kurdish activist.
Badem's analysis of Ottoman reliance on basibozuks and redif troops (conscripts and reserves) opens another unexplored facet of the war.
Farah Philip Kalu (Teacher who was killed in Redif area in Kadugli) 27.
Mehmet Terzi, the chairperson of Turkey's Athletism Federation, told AA correspondent on Thursday that Turkish athlete Melis Redif came the champion in 400m women's event in the Indoor Classic Vienna Leichtatletic (athletics tournament) on Monday.
The usual, steady life of the capital's literary coryphaei was stirred up by the appearance of the "troglodyte," "basjbozuk," "redif." It was not by accident that Turgenev and Druzhinin conferred such Greek, Turkic and Arabic epithets on Tolstoy: The veteran officer, who seemed to the refined residents of Petersburg to be a (translating the above) cave dweller, savage, or reserve soldier, did not really fit in at the salon soirees and dinners.
The first regulation that was carried out in the Reform Era within the frame of the Western model budget applications was the unification of the treasuries such as Mansure Treasury, Redif Treasury and Hazine-i Amire in 1840 under the name of Finance Treasury.