v. t.1.To distill again.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Macerate the Rose in his own juice, adding thereto, being temperately warme, a convenient proportion either of yeast or ferment: leave them a few daies in fermentation, til they have gotten a strong and heady smell, beginning to incline toward vinegar then distill them in balneo in glass bodies luted to their helmes (happely a Limbeck will do better ...) and drawe so long as you finde any sent of the Rose to come: then redistill of rectifie the same so often till you have purchased a perfect spirit of the Rose.
"There is a shift away from molecular mixology and creators of menus are looking at machines such as the Rotovap to do the work and redistill products with new flavours - this way, all the work is done in the preparation," says Walker.
'We incorporate heavily roasted barley, and refuse to redistill heads and tails, all of which decreases our efficiency.
He traces the cycle of what he calls "apocalyptic purgings, both real and imaginary," that attempt to "distill and redistill the purity of the national moral categories" by repeatedly severing us from a disturbing past that might keep us from realizing our promised destiny.
Some distillers turned to gin as the answer; highly-rectified spirit can be bought-in as a base material then redistilled with botanicals to create a gin that can be made one day and sold the next.
###each in redistilled water###redistilled water###redistilled water
* Redistilled and folded certified organic essential oils
Nor, given both the Middletonian commonplace of redistilled
The precipitate was subsequently filtered, washed several times with redistilled water in order to remove the soluble sulfates, and then dried at 50[degrees]C for 96 hours.
Meat pH was measured in water homogenates (1: 1 m/v ratio of meat to redistilled water) using the 340i pH meter equipped with the TFK 325 temperature sensor (WTW Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstatten, Weilheim, Germany) and the Polilyte Lab electrode (Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Bonaduz, Switzerland).
The water used in this experiment was redistilled. With a brown glass bottle, water samples were collected from seawater in Shazikou, Qingdao, Shandong Province, and preserved under 4[degrees]C.