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Noun1.Redonda - an island in Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda - a country in the northern Leeward Islands
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Notes: a mandatory pre-bid job walk will be held at the job site, ensenada parkette, 1701 armour lane, redondo beach, ca at 10:00 am on october 10, 2016.
El libro de Augustin Redondo reune una serie de trabajos del autor publicados en los ultimos doce anos en Espana, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Mexico y Francia, en los que privilegia el punto de vista interdisciplinario.
REDONDO BEACH - It took a trip to the two-day Redondo Power Classic to confirm their beliefs, but Valencia and Granada Hills learned their strengths could match up against some of the top girls' volleyball teams in Southern California.
What do you think the people of Redondo Beach value in a leader?
We have renegotiated or postponed some payments but nothing significant," Redondo says.
Cinco meses despues de que Regino Diaz Redondo y directivos de Excelsior fueron suspendidos de sus derechos como socios, la Procuraduria General del Distrito Federal investiga ya al exdirector del diario y a otros miembros del Consejo de Administracion que ocuparon cargos en este organismo durante casi 25 anos, por los danos patrimoniales millonarios causados a la cooperativa.
Seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren war Redondo seiner Heimat fern, das heiBt der Tertulia (1), in der die besten Stunden seiner ausgedehnten Jugend verstrichen, die einzigen, in denen er wahrhaft lebte.
This volume is the latest in a series of international conference proceedings produced under the auspices of the Centre de Recherche sur l'Espagne des XVIe et XVIIe siecles and edited by Augustin Redondo.
As part of a team effort with citizens, city officials, and the local prosecutor's office, the Redondo Beach Police Department used the civil injunction in a successful preemptive strike against gang-related crime.
On December 7, 1995, just before Christmas vacation, fourteen-year-old Allison Smith (not her real name) was arrested at Redondo Union High School and charged with offering to sell marijuana to Los Angeles undercover sheriffs deputy Tim McCrillis, who had posed as a student.
The virgin forest of cottonwoods that once formed a rounded grove, the Bosque Redondo, was cut in the 1860s to build Fort Sumner and fuel the fires for hundreds of soldiers and civilians who lived at the fort, as well as the 9,000 nomadic Native Americans who were forced to live on the surrounding reservation But by the end of 1863, the complete harvesting of the native cottonwood groves led to a fuel shortage for the fort and the surrounding reservation as well as severe erosion problem that caused the earthen irrigation ditches to wash out the reservation's farmland.