oxidation-reduction indicator

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Noun1.oxidation-reduction indicator - an indicator that shows a reversible color change between oxidized and reduced forms
indicator - (chemistry) a substance that changes color to indicate the presence of some ion or substance; can be used to indicate the completion of a chemical reaction or (in medicine) to test for a particular reaction
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9,12) Resazurin is probably a better redox indicator for cell viability because it does not interfere with the reactions of the electron transport chain since the midpoint redox potential of resazurin is greater than that of any of the components of the electron transport chain while indicators with an inferior redox potential such as MTT cannot detect the reduction mediated by cytochromes.
This assay system contains N-ethylmaleimide in the second step to capture the thiol group of the remaining dithiothreitol, enabling the oxidation of the redox indicator and generation of the colored product.