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n.1.(Zool.) A small Australian singing bird (Phyrrholæmus brunneus). The upper parts are brown, the center of the throat red.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Behind the chapel extended, surrounded by two high hedges of hazel, elder and white thorn, and a deep ditch, the little inclosure - uncultivated, though gay in its sterility; because the mosses there grew thick, wild heliotrope and ravenelles there mingled perfumes, while from beneath an ancient chestnut issued a crystal spring, a prisoner in its marble cistern, and on the thyme all around alighted thousands of bees from the neighboring plants, whilst chaffinches and redthroats sang cheerfully among the flower-spangled hedges.
Age, growth and mortality of redthroat emperor Lethrinus miniatus (Pisces: Lethrinidae) from the southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.
In recent studies, Crabtree and Bullock (1998) validated the first seven annual growth increments in black grouper, and Brown and Sumpton (1998) validated the ages of the redthroat emperor off Australia.
| A Black-throated Diver was again off the Little Orme, with 12 Redthroated Divers.
Also proposed is a site which will provide protection for wintering redthroated divers in Cardigan Bay.
Red deer, otters and common seals share the shores of this wild loch with just 2000 people as well as a wealth of diving and wading birds including beautiful redthroated divers and the magnificent sea eagle.
Off-shore, several thousand common scoter were in a huge "raft", which included redthroated diver, great-crested grebes, and a small group of greater scaup.
Dickson (1993) similarly indicated for redthroated loons (Gavia stellata) that reproductive success, as measured by young that survive to fledging, was a good indication of local habitat conditions.
Over 400 common scoters swam with a redthroated diver on choppy seas off Pensarn, while six purple sandpipers braved the waves at Rhos Point this week.
The sea is providing significant interest, the highlight being 189 redthroated divers and 8000 common scoters off Llanddulas.