Reduced iron

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(Chem.) metallic iron obtained through deoxidation of an oxide of iron by exposure to a current of hydrogen or other reducing agent. When hydrogen is used the product is called also iron by hydrogen.

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Dost Steels Limited is engaged in the manufacturing of steel, direct reduced iron, sponge iron, hot briquetted iron, carbon steel, pig iron and special alloy steel in various forms.
5 million tons per year of directly reduced iron (DRI) and 1 million tons of steel in the form of rails, steel structures and seamless pipes, as per an Emarat Dzayer Group statement.
Aymaraes project development will be based on Tenova's HYL Micro Module technology, with Tenova overseeing technological design and providing the equipment to develop and build a 500,000-mt/y pelletization plant and a 250,000-mt/y high-carbon direct reduced iron (DRI) plant.
The company's business plan calls for some value-added manufacturing to the potential mine project with the production of hot briquetted iron (HBI), a form of direct reduced iron used in the steel-making process.
The ECC had detailed deliberations on a summary moved by Ministry of Industries for provision of natural gas as feed stock in the direct reduced iron process to Tuwairqi Steel Mills on concessional rates to the tune of Rs.
There is little doubt that frequent blood donation may result in reduced iron stores.
International Resource News-December 30, 2013--Nucor starts production at direct reduced iron facility in St.
It would be not out of place to mention here that phase-1 of TSML Direct Reduced Iron Plant has come into commercial production with a total cost, (including working capital) of $342 million of which, POSCO provided in the shape of equity $16 million.
The strong domestic housing market coupled with the restart of the construction of the direct reduced iron (DRI) plant in Suez gives us confidence moving forward," Ezz Steel said in an emailed statement.
Use of lump ore is a major milestone in continuous successful operations of TSML's Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant.
Giving details of the project, Director (project) and country head TSML Zaigham Adil Rizvi said iron making at its highest capacity had been made under Plant Demonstration Test (PDT) conducted under the supervision of the MIDREX experts which was the unique group of its nature in the world in Direct Reduced Iron ( DRI) technology.
At high temperatures - warmer than 392 degrees Fahrenheit - scientists know that the unstable atoms, known as reduced iron, can rapidly split water molecules and produce hydrogen gas, as well as new minerals containing iron in the more stable, oxidized form.

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