Reducing valve

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a device for automatically maintaining a diminished pressure of steam, air, gas, etc., in a pipe, or other receiver, which is fed from a boiler or pipe in which the pressure is higher than is desired in the receiver.

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The company says the latest model features key safety advancements including an automatic change over valve for an emergency air supply cylinder, available in different durations, and a locking hand wheel on the cylinder pressure reducing valve to prevent inadvertent shut-off during use.
In fact, when West Country Smokehouses went on to connect steam to an exiting Kiln, Jeff Peters again took advice from TLV and used direct steam from the electric boiler with the same combination of COSPECT pressure reducing valve and steam traps.
The reducing valve is adjusted to a value with at least 10 bar smaller then the main line pressure (Prodan et al.
The Series LMBV Lateral Reducing Valve, is a new type of valve for plastic piping systems h can be used as a new method of connecting lateral drops to mainline piping systems to improve piping system strength in semiconductor fabs.
A reducing valve, G, supplies a secondary branch at a pressure level below that in the primary circuit.
This AD requires identification of the part and serial numbers of the pressure reducing valve on each air pressurisation unit, testing pressure reducing valves and air pressurisation units having affected serial numbers, and replacing faulty valves or units with new parts.
Industrial valves featured in product bulletins include the Model V control valve for use in areas where precise pressure and temperature control are needed, the RV pressure reducing valve, and the Adjustable Orifice valve, a three-position shut-off valve used in areas such as cold water circulation.
at the point of connection to the existing nephin valley gws 90mm od main (point a) a new bulk meter and pressure reducing valve (prv) including 2 no sluice valves are to be installed.