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1. An earthworm (Eisenia foetida) that lives near the surface of the soil and is commonly used for composting and for bait. Also called brandling, red wiggler.
2. Any of various other reddish earthworms, especially Lumbricus rubellus.
3. See bloodworm.
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The Angling Trust Open match fished on the Tees at Yarm on Sunday was won by Paul Rambow jnr with 7lb of dace taken well out on redworm.
The main agave (Aspargales: Aspargaceae) species in whose rhizomes the agave redworm lives are Agave salmiana Otto ex Salm, A.
He added skimmers with all his fish coming to redworm fished on pole.
For the bait fisher a wellscoured redworm will do the trick.
Compson states, "they had to use picks to break the earth for the grave yet in one of the deeper clods I saw a redworm doubtless alive when the clod was thrown up though by afternoon it was frozen again" (302).
They troll around "inner space," a surrealist zone soon infected by the Redworm, whose "pure sound virus" looks like the dirty work of evil Lord Ook.
I packed my swim feeder with groundbait and casters, baited up with a huge redworm and two casters and cast out into the middle of the basin.
His second option is a 114-inch Shuck's Jigger Minnow tipped with a redworm.
On The Annan, James Loudon from North Yorkshire proved how good that river is for the species when he caught a superb 3lb 5oz specimen using float-fished redworm, the best grayling recorded this winter.
Best tactics will be a long trotted redworm, but Czech Nymphing tactics should produce a fish or two.
However the slacker deep stretches can be approached with a stick float or waggler with maggot or redworm.
The 63-year-old Newport driver was pegged on the road side, where a 2lb 1oz carp took his redworm bait in the final hour to give him his Christmas turkey and a three figure payout for scooping the pool money.