Reef builder

(Zool.) any stony coral which contributes material to the formation of coral reefs.

See also: Reef

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onkodes is abundant and a significantly important reef builder in the tropical Pacific and Great Barrier Reef (Littler and Doty, 1973).
We're an important reef builder in tropical oceans.
One widespread temperate reef builder, the American oyster (Crassostrea virginica, also known as the "eastern oyster," Am.
This study characterized the reproductive biology of an important reef builder in the central Pacific and explored how spatial and temporal variability in the environment can affect the onset of gametogenesis and gamete maturation.
boring sponges) on reef builders to be three times greater than in locations where there is less fishing (Loh et al.
The Martin County Artificial Reef Fund, responsible for the creation of numerous local artificial reefs for anglers and divers, holds its annual Reef Builders Fishing Tournament on Saturday, July 11.
3] mineralogy and crystal habit of some of problematic reef builders proliferating around the Mulde Event in Baltica, and thus gain an insight into whether their calcareous walls were formed through biologically controlled precipitation or by microbial mediation.
Millepora species are the second reef builders after scleractinians, yet little is known about them.
In conclusion, ship groundings on coral reefs cause not only serious damage to the reef builders, but also result in a loss of habitat for other organisms, consequently leading to barren areas.
Like the bacteria that occupy the human gut, the flora that colonizes surface slime can offer health benefits to reef builders.
Fossil reef builders include stromatolites, archaeocyathids, stromatoporoids, corals, brachiopods, bryozoans, sponges and many others.