a.1.Eligible again; capable of reëlection; as, reëligible to the same office.
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En derniere position dans les sondages arrive Josefina Vazquez Mota, 51 ans, la candidate du Parti gouvernemental, le Parti action nationale (PAN, conservateur) du president sortant Felipe Calderon, qui n'est pas reeligible selon la Constitution.
The new hospital ``star ratings'', published today, reveal that all four have been given the maximum three stars and a reeligible tobidfor extra freedom from Whitehallcontrol.
After all, Washington presided over the constitutional proceedings that endorsed a perpetually reeligible president: "The matter was fairly discussed in the Convention," Washington wrote to the Marquis de Lafayette in 1788, "and to my full convictions .
Critics seized on the powerful, independent, and reeligible executive as a particularly dangerous feature of the proposed Constitution.
Elus pour un mandat de trois ans, les membres du Conseil ne seront pas immediatement reeligibles apres deux mandats consecutifs.
L'article 8 rappelle que la composition de la commission est renouvelee tous les quatre ans et les membres sortants sont reeligibles une seule fois.