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v. i.1.To emerge again.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
In that light he figures in the first important work in which native English reemerges after the Norman Conquest, the 'Brut' (Chronicle) wherein, about the year 1200, Laghamon paraphrased Wace's paraphrase of Geoffrey.
The self-styled opposition faction in the House of Representatives has vowed to reemerge in the upcoming 18th Congress amid the possibility of a "co-opted" Minority Bloc.
It said the money would "save lives, help facilitate the return of displaced Syrians, and help ensure that Daesh cannot reemerge to threaten Syria, its neighbors, or plan attacks against the international community."
Long off-limits to American businesses and tourists, Cuba is now beginning to reemerge as a desirable destination for both.
Voltz reported that the dance community was beginning to reemerge over the past five years.
The goal, Margolis says, "is to get rid of [all] infected CD4 T cells." Leaving any cells behind could allow the infection to reemerge, he notes.
The poppy-pocked landscape which was common in rural Britain before the Second World War may be starting to reemerge, according to wildflower experts.
If he is allowed to reemerge after the departure of international forces, he would instantly repolarize Bosnia and unravel all the hard-won advances toward reform and reconciliation.
The scrolls contain the seeds of elements that reemerge in both Christianity and rabb inic Judaism and help us to understand the relationship between these two religious systems.
Ellis said most researchers believed life would take 10 million years to reemerge strongly, but the rainforest was present just 1.4 million years after the dinosaur's demise.
Several years on, a number of familiar trends are starting to reemerge. Along with the Korean won, I now calculate the ringgit to be the most undervalued currency in the region -- perhaps by around 20 percent.
Zirnagi is optimistic, however, that both Vencor and Sun will reemerge as more flexibly financed companies.