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With the dissolution of the women development ministry, there was no longer a standing committee on women development of parliament, alternatives and means of reengagement, therefore, have to be explored, the study recommends.
London: The European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is stepping up its reengagement in Uzbekistan with the provision of a financial package of up to US$ 30 million to JSCB Hamkorbank, the country's largest commercial bank.
a non-profit organization that works with single women in transition from homelessness and substance abuse to prepare for reengagement into society.
Since its reengagement in 2017, the Bank has identified several new projects in the country, some of which have already been signed or are due to be signed by the end of 2017, with more to follow in 2018.
After increased tensions: especially between the US and Pakistan: in the recent past, multifaceted reengagement between the nations is being considered a 'symbolic' gesture of better relations.
It added while this is a very important step in Sudan's reengagement with the international community, there are some challenges like the ongoing conflicts in Darfur and human rights violations, including restrictions on freedom of religion and belief.
With his reengagement a success, the rest of us can't wait to reenage with "(http://www.
Unless the United States identifies suitable terms for reengagement, the United States will submit to the Secretary-General, in accordance with Article 28, paragraph 1 of the Agreement, formal written notification of its withdrawal as soon as it is eligible to do so," she said.
He added that KNIP serves as a strategic entry point for reengagement by the World Bank and a building block for long term partnership with Sindh government to transform the city.
5 (BNA): The United Nations (UN) said it had been notified by the US on its intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, unless it identifies suitable terms for reengagement.
Mais ils attendent maintenant un vrai reengagement americain pour soutenir le processus politique en Syrie.