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Following the reengagement with Uzbekistan in 2017, the EBRD TFP team has delivered 2 regional conferences and 6 training workshops, which were attended by approximately 500 domestic banking professionals.
Reengagement with the US is certainly a positive development but that doesn't mean Pakistan has to antagonise China.
Any hope for reengagement dealt a fatal blow when India sent fighter jets into Pakistan following the Pulwama attack in February.
The breakfast meeting held on the sidelines of the 32nd Summit of the African Union Heads of State and Government sought to inspire a global conversation geared towards reconciliation, reengagement and reconnection of all Africans and their descendants across the world.
Fitch has maintained an open dialog with all major timeshare ABS issuers/timeshare developers regarding the effect of PPE on their portfolio including any potential litigation against timeshare exit companies and the overall efforts to limit it including owner education and reengagement. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and timeshare issuers have united to combat PPE based upon fraudulent and misleading representations.
Growing through reengagement of early franchisees, branching out and diversifying in established markets and offering incentives, all while adhering to a core set of values, will prove intentionality and forward-thinking to those who are already affiliated with the brand and those who will be part of its future.
That his elevation to the PM's seat can inspire the BJP government into thinking of reengagement - which it did not when Nawaz was in power - says a lot.
PDEA said for a year now, the younger Badelles had been a 'target drug personality' after the agency confirmed his 'reengagement' in the illegal drugs trade.
"They like the consistency in strategies and structure among grade levels and the opportunities for problem-solving, specifically open response and reengagement lessons."
Like the Samarkand security conference last fall, this gathering is perhaps more reflective of Uzbekistan's regional reengagement than it is of specific conditions in Afghanistan.