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He asked to reenlist again and was told only if he underwent boot camp a second time.
In August, when the atheist airman was denied the opportunity to reenlist because he would not say "so help me God," the American Humanist Association and Americans United wrote letters to the Pentagon, asking that the airman be permitted to re-join without being forced to swear to God.
Before the Battle of Trenton, when he was trying to get the troops to reenlist, he urged: "My brave fellows, you have done more than could be expected of you, but I'm asking you to do this one more thing and reenlist.
Among the proposals before the committee are those that would extend Montgomery GI Bill benefits to National Guard and military reservists, use increased education benefits to encourage troops to reenlist, hike educational benefits for those in the military and allow service members to transfer unused benefits to their families.
In addition to direct surveys, statistics on retention--the number of soldiers eligible to reenlist who do so--can also provide hints about morale.
Members of the Army Guard and Reserves can receive bonuses of up to $15,000 tax-free if they reenlist for six years while serving in Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan in the year before they are to leave the service.
For example, DOD has expanded eligibility for selective reenlistment bonuses and has also begun offering reenlistment bonuses of as much as $150,000 to special operation forces personnel with 19 or more years of experience who reenlist for an additional 6 years.
The RE codes are designed to provide military recruiters with background information on a former serviceperson who wants to reenlist, the purpose for which DD-214 was originally created.
com/chicago-pd-season-4-spoilers-will-mouse-join-army-again-exec-producer-teases-huge-2422437) he can reenlist in the army.
When the Scouts were disbanded, I was supposed to reenlist with the US Army.
Nine months after his accident, Bowman made history when he became the first double amputee to actively reenlist in the Army--skydiving airborne-style into the induction ceremony with his commander.