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Not unlike their fellow senior soldiers, these first-term soldiers would favor a larger bonus and could be compelled to reenlist for the right bonus incentive.
While most Sailors are permitted to reenlist in their current rating, if you're in an overmanned rating, you may want to think about converting to an undermanned rating.
Changes to the SRB policy earlier this year allowed Sailors to reenlist early for SRB as long as they are within 90 days prior to their expiration of active obligated service (EAOS) and within the current fiscal year of their EAOS.
Sailors may have less than 90 days to reenlist for the bonus to keep the SRB reenlistment in the same fiscal year.
While most Sailors are permitted to reenlist in their current rate, Sailors in overmanned ratings may be offered reenlistment in an undermanned rating and Sailors with a poor performance history may not be granted permission to reenlist.
military to win reinstatement and the right to reenlist, told those attending the banquet for the unveiling that they were "a roomful of heroes" who chose to honorably serve a nation "that did not love you as much as you loved it."
Since its inception in 2003, PTS has helped balance Navy ratings, while giving first-term Sailors a solid career path before they can reenlist or negotiate transfer orders with their detailers.
Designed primarily with fleet input and to meet fleet readiness needs, PTS offers first-term Sailors in ratings with stalled advancement opportunity the chance to reenlist and retrain in a rating where advancement is better and the fleet most needs skilled people.
Only conventional submarine electronics technicians with specialties in communication and navigation dropped from the previous SRB message released in February; affected Sailors have a 30-day grace period to reenlist at the old, higher rate.
Sailors whose SRB levels decreased have a 30-day grace period to reenlist at the higher rate.
Sailors applying for ITS now have the choice to reenlist with the "convert only" option.