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Noun1.reenlistment - a renewed enlistment
enlistment - the act of enlisting (as in a military service)
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Omar Bailey during his April 10 reenlistment at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
The Hall of Heroes at The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (TJAGLCS) is a frequent site for award, promotion, reenlistment and retirement ceremonies.
In order to be eligible for the Retention Excellence Award, a command must meet or exceed a number of benchmarks, including meeting reenlistment percentages and performing well on the annual command information program review.
If not, the platoon's lines of communication will break down, and this failure will reflect in command climate surveys and reenlistment numbers.
flag during promotion and reenlistment ceremony, January 1, 2015, at Barclay Training Center, Monrovia, Liberia (U.S.
My first reenlistment bonus would have bought a house back then.
They may also be eligible for selective reenlistment bonuses in both zones A and B.
Veterans with multiple periods of active duty may have more than one character of service assigned, typically aligned with end dates of obligated service and subsequent reenlistment.
When the war in Europe ended in 1945, he was offered reenlistment, but decided against it.
Initially, this will be a benefit because as quality noncommissioned officers find that their reenlistment options are limited, many of them will consider applying to be warrant officers.
Language Training at Reenlistment: Soldiers may request language training at reenlistment.