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n.1.A renewed or repeated experience.
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In the same way, we, as adults, reexperience touching and belonging through our phones.
Another highlight is "Old Habits," set in a mall populated by the ghosts of the people who died there, all of whom have to reexperience their deaths every day.
To read through Magic Again at a sitting is to reexperience the familiar arc of Wolfe's journey rendered in fresh language.
The added benefit is that this is accomplished without the disclosure of personal information or the requirement to reexperience past pain which can trigger its own cascade of stress.
Throughout the duration of the program you may reexperience some of these same emotions and worries (they seem to ebb and flow); talking with a friend, professor, or mentor may provide you with a new perspective and help you to better manage your concerns (see Tips 1 and 2).
Gide's experience of the First World War reveals thoughts and actions Gide would reexperience during World War II.
Recently, I got to reexperience the energy and enthusiasm of IMA student membership at the 12th Annual Student Leadership Conference, which was held in Cincinnati in mid-November.
Investigators may continue to reexperience images when, for instance, they see a video or bathe their infant, and they may realize that they must process further or try to avoid working this detail altogether.
Some teens with single parents reexperience the earlier loss.
As individuals create their unique expressions of their life events, they reexperience traumatic histories in the context of a safe and contained therapeutic environment.
Buddhists generally accept the idea, citing the testimony of the Buddha and other masters of the advanced meditation technique "samadhi," that in meditation one can reexperience previous lives.
Before starting to recall past emotional events, participants received a booklet describing selfreflection as the "ability to reexperience past events with significant meaning".