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Arranza said: 'A classic example of this scheme was the 'modus' used by a manufacturer of tin cans for reexport, which we uncovered after getting suspicious of the declared wastage in its formula of manufacture.
7 tons had no markings on packages containing information about the product, its name, country of origin export or reexport data, the statement said.
Confirmation of the big reexport came today when a film unit, above, from the American National Broadcasting Corporation arrived at Liverpool's Grafton Rooms to shoot part of an hour-long television film of the groups who are making Merseyside the centre for country music.
According to the public prosecution, the defendant used the UAE port, Jebel Ali, to reexport the generator via Myanmar.
Limited tenders are invited for annual rate contract for supply of wooden box crates including packing charges fumigation of reexport consignment
Analysis of the main chemical components of the explosive compositions which were retaken from the terrorists near the cities of Tikrit, Iraq, and Kobani, Syria, as well as further identification of the producing companies showed that they were either made in Turkey or supplied there without right of reexport," Vitaliy Churkin pointed out.
This was a national economic development plan that premised everything on one roll of the dice: a strategy driven above all by the export of raw bitumen from the Alberta oil sands to Asian markets, and via the Keystone pipeline to the United States for reexport.
Both in petroleum and gems and jewelry we import raw material and reexport.
The foreign investors can reexport from Mauritius to Madagascar, Comoros, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Kenya, Maldives, Burundi, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Zambia.
6) The amendments to the Export Administration Regulations create a new category called "License Exception Support for the Cuban People (SCP)," which is intended "to authorize the export and reexport of certain items to Cuba that are intended to improve the living conditions of the Cuban people; support independent economic activity and strengthen civil society in Cuba; and improve the free flow of information to, from, and among the Cuban people.
Jamaican nationals within Trinidad and Tobago barter shipments of marijuana or cocaine for reexport.
He said Germany was exporting Pakistani surgical instruments, gives it a finishing touch with chrome or even without that, it reexport it to Bosnia.