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He said the amount that would be spent for the reexportation of the garbage had to be approved by the Korean National Assembly, details of which had not yet been divulged to reporters.
Eisma, who briefed mediamen on the loading procedure, said the reexportation of the Canadian trash was treated here 'like any other commercial shipment' and with the ship offloading and loading other cargoes at the port.
Simon told Aileen Lucero, national coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition, that the schedule for reexportation has to be adjusted because the vessel that will bring the garbage back to South Korea will only arrive in Cagayan de Oro City on January 12.
[section] 560.205 (2017) (expressly prohibiting certain "reexportation from a third country...
Le regime d'admission temporaire pour perfectionnement actif, qui offre plusieurs avantages dont l'exoneration totale des droits de douanes, signifie l'importation de matieres premieres pour reexportation apres leur transformation en produit fini.
La realisation de ce port, pour un montant evalue a 6 MMDH, pourrait permettre la transformation d'une large gamme de produits bruts ou semi finis importes (biens de consommation par exemple) et leur reexportation vers l'Afrique notamment.
which there is determined to be reexportation of controlled technology
Although the Allied Victory in the war preserved Portuguese rule over the colonial territories, tropical crops were too abundant during the Depression, and prices fell, as did the contribution of reexportation to the Portuguese balance of payments.