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n.1.One who reforges.
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For the next two decades, the 1st ID (-) was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, and participated in numerous Reforger exercises to Germany, where one brigade and the Headquarters, 1st Infantry Division (Forward) were permanently stationed.
They were identified during the URGENT FURY invasion of Grenada in 1983, during the 1990 lUST CAUSE contingency in Panama, and during such Joint Staff exercises as PROUD EAGLE (worldwide), REFORGER (Europe), and TEAM SPIRIT (Korea).
In exercises such as Foal Eagle or Cope Thunder or older exercises like Reforger or Bright Star, you discover that manpower, financial, and equipment costs are extremely high.
This was the largest movement of American armored vehicles through German roads and farmland since the REFORGER exercises of the 1980s.
I was not a member of the armed forces, although I did spend a good deal of time in fatigues and ate dinner out of a mess tin during the annual NATO REFORGER exercises.
During the last REFORGER exercise AH-64A Apache helicopters of the US Army gave an impressive display of their night-time combat capabilities.