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1. A usually Jewish citizen of the Soviet Union who was denied permission to emigrate.
2. Informal A person who refuses to do something.


(rɪˈfjuːznɪk) or


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly) a Jew in the Soviet Union who had been refused permission to emigrate
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who refuses to cooperate with a system or comply with a law because of a moral conviction
3. (Law) a person who refuses to cooperate with a system or comply with a law because of a moral conviction
[C20: from refuse1 + -nik]


(rɪˈfyuz nɪk)

(formerly) a Soviet citizen, usu. Jewish, who was denied permission to emigrate from the Soviet Union.
[1970–75; partial translation of Russian otkáznik; see -nik]


[rɪˈfjuːznɪk] Nrefusenik mf


[rɪˈfjuːznɪk] nrefuznik mf


n (inf)Verweigerer(in) m(f)
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In 1970, along with 14 other refuseniks, they planned to steal a plane in Leningrad and, under the guise of a wedding trip, escape across the Soviet border to freedom.
Mike Rees Out pop all the right-wing refuseniks saying it's not fair that we should have days off, bunch of serfs afraid of change.
How I respect honours refuseniks for eschewing meaningless titles that refer to some lost empire, which are given to celebrities to disguise the knighthoods and peerages that are quietly delivered as payback to political cronies.
Indeed, to Mr Cameron and his ilk, we've probably come across as refuseniks as efforts are made to breathe life into economic prosperity of England's northern areas.
Blank arrest warrants Mehsud said authorities have issued 1,000 blank arrest warrants so refuseniks could be dealt with swiftly.
He said that people were being evacuated and refuseniks were being shifted to safer places by force to save their lives.
By summer of 1986, my parents and I had been refuseniks for eight years.
Meanwhile, the largest portion of mobile video refuseniks were the French, with 38 percent saying they don't watch any video on their handsets, followed by 37 percent of the British, the report added.
A decentralized movement of refuseniks is increasingly fighting back against the Border Patrol's shocking internal checkpoint system.
Action packed and tense, it will delight even sci-fi refuseniks.
It provides valuable information about the actions and views of many of the better known refuseniks in the Soviet Union and of some of the key grass roots Soviet Jewry movement activists in the United States.
Refuseniks who deny people services and the right to work through the medium of Welsh.