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1. A usually Jewish citizen of the Soviet Union who was denied permission to emigrate.
2. Informal A person who refuses to do something.


(rɪˈfjuːznɪk) or


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly) a Jew in the Soviet Union who had been refused permission to emigrate
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who refuses to cooperate with a system or comply with a law because of a moral conviction
3. (Law) a person who refuses to cooperate with a system or comply with a law because of a moral conviction
[C20: from refuse1 + -nik]


(rɪˈfyuz nɪk)

(formerly) a Soviet citizen, usu. Jewish, who was denied permission to emigrate from the Soviet Union.
[1970–75; partial translation of Russian otkáznik; see -nik]


[rɪˈfjuːznɪk] Nrefusenik mf


[rɪˈfjuːznɪk] nrefuznik mf


n (inf)Verweigerer(in) m(f)
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Thirteen "refusniks" - 12 men and one woman: Mike Grindley, Graham Hughes, Brian Johnson, Alan Rowland, Robin Smith, Gerry O'Hagan, Dee Goddard, Bill Bickham, Alan Chambers, John Cook, Roy Taylor, Harry Underwood and Gareth Morris, were all dismissed 30 years ago.
Crowds had plunged from an average of just under 20,000 under Gareth Southgate to a state where the official figure was being laughed at and only propped up by counting the season ticket refusniks who had already voted with their feet.
You could measure the success of a series such as Tales From Northumberland in a lot of ways: the audience of valuable Eastender refusniks who watch the show on ITV; the production fee it makes for ITV Studios; the contribution it makes to the 66 hours a year of network TV Shiver produce from the North; the effect it has on local tourism, what they call 'the Robson Greene effect'.
Unfortunately, not all the refusniks understand the complete legal picture governing checkpoints.
It searched their homes, calling the mid a counter to "incitement to draft evasion." The police wanted to catch "refusniks" who had no valid reason for escaping service in the IDF.
It's not that they are all arts refusniks, they just think my taste is not necessarily theirs.
There comes a point when clients begin suffering statisti- cal overload, while a hard core of marketing refusniks won't buy the argument, however forcefully it is presented.
Ian Wylie, Paisley, said: "Why does David Weir never get mentioned as one of the Scotland refusniks when the media talk about Boyd and Lee McCulloch?
TEL AVIV, July 5, 2010 (WAFA)0- Former Israeli pilot known for signing refusniks' letter hangs Palestinian flag on ghetto wall, writes, 'Free all ghettos,' Ynet reported Monday.
Now it's nearly triple that number, or according to some, even higher, given the resonance of conscientious objectors, Refusniks, students unwilling to serve in the Territories, and "Breaking the Silence" reserves speaking out about IDF atrocities over the past decade, especially during the Gaza war.