Regenerative furnace

(Metal.) a furnace having a regenerator in which gas used for fuel, and air for supporting combustion, are heated; a Siemens furnace.

See also: Regenerative

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The museum is home to the world's first regenerative furnace - which radically improved glassmaking because it allowed production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Dry distillation gas is divided into three parts: one part is send to regenerative furnace for heating, as cycle coal gas of the retort furnace; another part is as the fuel of regenerative furnace; and the rest supplies for gas boiler.
With the funding, Ryobi plans to replace its oldest cold air burner furnace with a larger regenerative furnace, which will reduce natural gas usage by 79,000 Btu, providing a cost savings of $600,000 per year.
This phase involves the replacement of the #3 electric furnace with a new air-staged gas regenerative furnace, as well as installation of two new high capacity bottle forming machines and associated auxiliary system upgrades.
A fully automatic Batch Plant feeds one Heavy oil fired, end-fired regenerative furnace to melt soda lime flint and green glass.
e) Design and implementation of a new regenerative furnace linings Maerz
Glass is melted in large capacity regenerative furnaces that emit significant volumes of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2).
The plant is fitted with Cross-Fired Regenerative Furnaces, and Rockware says the council "erred in law" when it accepted they were BAT-compliant.
The direct reduction process deploys a range of equipment, including pot furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, regenerative furnaces, shaft furnaces, retort furnaces, stationary or rotary kilns, etc.
The contract is to modernize the lime burning building modern cocurrent dvojachtovch regenerative furnaces and related technology zariaden.
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