Reggio Calabria

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Reg·gio di Ca·la·bri·a

 (rĕj′ē-ō dē kä-lä′brē-ä, rĕd′jō) also Reggio Calabria
A city of extreme southern Italy on the Strait of Messina opposite Sicily. Founded by Greek colonists in the late eighth century bc, it suffered frequent invasions because of its strategic location.
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Reg•gio Ca•la•bri•a

(ˈrɛdʒ oʊ kəˈlɑ bri ə, ˈrɛdʒ iˌoʊ)
a seaport in S Italy, on the Strait of Messina. 178,094.
Also called Reg′gio di Cala′bria (di)
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(1) Department of Law and Economics, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Reggio Calabria, Italy
A five-man group broke away from the peloton on yesterday's 217-kilometre stage from Reggio Calabria to Terme Luigiane.
Antonio Pelle, 54, crawled out of his hiding place at his home in southern Reggio Calabria, with video footage showing at least two dozen police waiting for him.
Yesterday, 212 migrants were rescued from a boat and landed off Reggio Calabria, while another 1,004 arrived in Naples.
ET) near Rossano, which is about 300 kilometers (185 miles) southeast of Naples and 280 kilometers northeast of Reggio Calabria.
Italy: Italian government has dissolved the municipal council of Reggio Calabria and taken over control of the southern city for fear the Mafia might grab it.
REGGIO CALABRIA -- Italy's A3 highway, begun in the 1960s and still not finished, starts outside Naples in the ancient hill town of Salerno and ends, rather unceremoniously, 300 miles farther south as a local street in downtown Reggio Calabria.
Mafraq, March 21 (Petra) - President of Al al-Bayt University Nabil Shawaqfeh on Monday discussed with President of the Italian University of Reggio Calabria, Massimo Giovannini, means and ways of boosting bilateral cooperation.
These include Reggio Calabria, Lamezia Terme, Caserta, Capri, Ischia, Messina, Palermo, San Remo, Albenga and Vicenza in Italy and A Coruna (Galicia), Santiago (Galicia), Gijon (Asturias) and Benicarlo (Valencia) in Spain.
The one-bedroom flat is part of the Jewel of the Sea II development in Brancaleone, a short drive from the town of Reggio Calabria.