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giving something received as a gift to someone else; passing on unwanted gifts


tr.v. re·gift·ed, re·gift·ing, re·gifts
To give (an unwanted item received as a gift) to another person as a gift.

re·gift′er n.
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Regifting presents used to be seen as taboo - but now it appears it's much more acceptable to pass your unwanted gifts on to others.
Another option: Consider regifting that candle you got last year-you know, the one in your closet.
Another option: Consider regifting that candle you got last year -- you know, the one in your closet.
This year, consider regifting some of those pretty prezzies under the tree to someone who needs 'em more.
You should never prevent people from regifting. Although last year I gave everyone wash bags with their initials on.
* 19% say they feel guilty about regifting, but the majority (65%) do it anyway
Alternatively, think of regifting things that you received and they are new.
Because though the season ought to be about goodwill to all men (women don't need goodwill, just a timely finger on the sellotape and a tidy supply of wine) we're all secretly wondering how much we can save by regifting that hideous photo frame / crappy candle / out-of-date spa set.
This anthology includes her memoirs of epic struggles with un-cooperative turkeys, the battle to compile the perfect party playlist, the dangers of regifting, and the horrors of round robins.
Second,"regifting," or giving away a gift someone else gave to you, though considered a social taboo, is not quite as ghastly as often thought.

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