a.1.Regal; royal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Although they claimed to be either Muslims and Hindus but they retained their peculiar regious practices.
As a result of the operation in the more remote regious of Sverdlovsk and Western Siberia, many peripheral branches of the Polish Military Organization were identified and extirpated.
The handset was exclusive to the Sprint in the U.S untill recently when HTC launched an updated version of the EVO 4g- the Desire HD - in other regious of the world.
It would be dangerous to rule out the possibility of a nuclear response to CBW use, particularly in the face of eg regious and highly damaging attacks.
(My only disappointment with this book, in fact, lies with Penguin's copy-editors, on whom even eg regious constructions as "like Hugo and I," especially from, the mouth of a posed professional.
They live and work in the five autonomous regious, aguascalientes, making community decisions, working the cooperatively-owned land, training to be health-promoters or teachers, playing basketball, writing, and taking care of children.
Regious Mortage (First Commercial Corp.) [+] $683.5
The first tentative moves to break down racial barriers, Scott points out, came from regious organizations like the Y.W.C.A., long dismissed by women's historians as less "radical" than groups that endorsed suffrage and worked for women's rights.