Registered letter

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a letter, the address of which is, on payment of a special fee, registered in the post office and the transmission and delivery of which are attended to with particular care.

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The butler was awaiting my arrival; he had received by the same post as mine a registered letter of instruction, and had sent at once for a locksmith and a carpenter.
The price of a 1st class registered letter weighing less than 50 grams will increase from [euro]1.45 to [euro]1.70.
The banks, if they need to check the address, can do so from a variety of sources including a receipt of a registered letter to even a 'telephonic conversation.' It comes as relief for travelling customers who had to provide local addresses in spite of having one in their hometowns.
Given the EU executive's silence, Ryanair then gave it formal notice by registered letter, dated 2 August 2007, and as it did not receive any answer, it filed a case of failure to act' at the EU court in 2007.
Chaplain Dawn Tilt told a court how Harris stripped from the waist down when she walked passed his cell and shouted: "Oi, vicar - what do you think of this?" Postal worker Andrea Richards said: "We asked him to sign for a registered letter - he stood up and down came his trousers."
She said: "I was working on Saturday (April 4) at 8.30am when I was brought a registered letter by one of the staff which stated that I had been removed from the register, and that I should not work forthwith etc.
Some of the 20 merchants who met last night said they removed signs from their windows after receiving a registered letter from the zoning enforcement officer on Valentine's Day for fear that they would be assessed a $300 per day fine.
said Thursday it has filed a damages suit against Audi AG, claiming the German carmaker poached the registered letter Q for its new sport utility vehicles.
We have sent all the UK hospitality trade's leading employers a formal registered letter."
'To make quite sure that they understand this crucial point - and the rising threat of legal actions that they now face - we have sent all the UK hospitality trade's leading employers a formal registered letter.
A man being held at the Tokyo Detention House has been served an arrest warrant on suspicion of extorting money from a convenience store manager by mail, having the money sent to the detention house by registered letter, the police said Friday.

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