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v. t.1.To rule; to govern.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Every body in Constantinople warned us to be very careful about our passports, see that they were strictly 'en regle', and never to mislay them for a moment: and they told us of numerous instances of Englishmen and others who were delayed days, weeks, and even months, in Sebastopol, on account of trifling informalities in their passports, and for which they were not to blame.
This was all done en regle, and in our work we shall be en regle too.
This circumstance was satisfactory: a private fear had haunted me, that in thus acting for myself, and by my own guidance, I ran the risk of getting into some scrape; and, above all things, I wished the result of my endeavours to be respectable, proper, en regle. I now felt that an elderly lady was no bad ingredient in the business I had on hand.
In England I suppose that would hardly be considered EN REGLE. Abroad, we are more civilised.
Ce sont ces divergences qui sont a l'origine des deux principales regles d'interpretation propres aux lois bilingues : la regle d'egale autorite et la regle du sens commun.
Davis translated and published three books from Leiris's oeuvre: Brisees: Broken Branches, a collection of occasional essays, and two parts of his four part autobiography La Regle du jeu as Scratches and Scraps.
Certainly, few today would dispute Renoir's status as one of the greatest of all filmmakers, and most would accept that the films made between 1932 and 1939 (from Boudu sauve des eaux, that is, to La Regle du jeu) consist of his best work and some of the best work ever committed to the screen.

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