Regular troops

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troops of a standing or permanent army; - opposed to militia.

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Though this was a matter of course in the case of regular troops, even to Barnaby, there was something particularly impressive and disconcerting in it to one accustomed to the noise and tumult of an undisciplined mob.
A hell of a chance you'd have against regular troops and machine guns," Billy retorted.
Section Nine, that the militia, when called into the actual service of the United States, shall be subject to the same rules and articles of war as the regular troops of the United States.
It is necessary to ensure control over the part of the Ukrainian-Russian state border which is temporarily not under control of Ukraine; all illegal armed formations and RF regular troops should leave the territory of Ukraine.
ISTANBUL, Feb 5 (KUNA) -- Kurdish and non-Kurdish Fighters engaged in an ongoing wide-scale battle with Turkish regular troops in northern Syria have suffered 947 deaths.
The civilian active auxiliaries are paramilitary units composed of largely volunteer reservists supervised by regular troops responsible for providing guidance and control.
The successful farmers are branded as the class enemy, and brutal enforcement by regular troops and secret police is used to liquidate them as a class.
The latest efforts against Daesh have been spearheaded by Iraqi special forces and other regular troops but the Hashed, which counts tens of thousands of fighters, has been a key component of the bruising campaign.
For 10 days, regular troops, reservists, ground troops, aviation and navy, special forces, and intelligence will train to fight back single penetration and full-scale penetration of enemy fighters, evacuate the civilian population under rocket fire, and advance to complete destruction of the potential opponent.
Russia has continued to maintain that its regular troops have not taken part in the conflict, a claim Ukraine says is untrue.
Putin has denied allegations by independent observers and media that Russian regular troops are taking part in the conflict.
Their rigorous training sets them apart from other regular troops.