v. t.1.To enlighten again; to reillumine.
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The 35-year-old New Yorker will reilluminate Novas's Greenland Street facade, helped by students and young professionals interested in the field.
One evening, the lights went out while Smith was at her desk; she waved her arms to reilluminate her work area.
These layers of obscurity around the relationship of Palestinians to the land of Palestine are dense and seemingly deliberate, but in Frontiers of Dreams and Fears Masri employs powerful visual strategies to reilluminate that relationship and reveal the media's powerful "lexical weapons.
It should come as no surprise that recent economic uncertainties have served to reilluminate all the risks inherent in extending trade credit.
The task today in theory, no less than in practice, is to reilluminate public space for a civil society in eclipse.