Reindeer Lake

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Rein·deer Lake

A lake of northeast Saskatchewan and northwest Manitoba, Canada. It is drained by the Reindeer River, which flows southward to the Churchill River.

Reindeer Lake

(Placename) a lake in W Canada, in Saskatchewan and Manitoba: drains into the Churchill River via the Reindeer River. Area: 6390 sq km (2467 sq miles)

Rein′deer Lake′

a lake in central Canada, in NE Saskatchewan and NW Manitoba. 2444 sq. mi. (6330 sq. km).
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994 over Kinoosao Bay on Reindeer Lake approximately 1.
An established but very rough road led north from La Ronge, Saskatchewan, to South End, on Reindeer Lake.
In the 1930s and 1940s, the two would patrol together as law enforcement officers in the Reindeer Lake and Wollaston Lake areas.
The lack of confirmation of the report is due to the fact that there is no mobile coverage on the most part of Reindeer Lake, the location where the rescuers are situated at the moment, CBC News (http://www.
Reindeer Lake can be found in which home of voodoo?
On 19 July 1894, at Brochet, at the northeast end of Reindeer Lake, which is on the present-day border between northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, J.
9 On the boundary between northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Reindeer Lake is the 22nd largest body of fresh water in the world.
This is precisely what prospectors did to significant sections of Saskatchewan's northern regions in the late 19zos and 1930s, especially the region in a broad triangle between the upper Geikie River, Lake Athabasca, and Reindeer Lake well north of the Churchill River.
Nick makes across the globe, beginning by flying over Northern Canada and Alaska and ending in the South Pacific; with visits to cities such as Moscow, London, New York, and Reindeer Lake, Canada.
Case in point: Two years ago, friend Mark Stiffel and I fished Reindeer Lake in northeastern Saskatchewan.
His first venture into the Arctic came a year later, travelling to Churchill and then probing inland to Pelican Narrows and Reindeer Lake.