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Based on this classification, a "product rating" is extrapolated into Acceptable or Rejectable, with a category in between that may need further evaluation.
He argues that "creation offers a divine message that is active, understandable, non-verbal, never ending, universal, revelatory, rejectable, and makes humans accountable" (p.
They put digital traces in the context of societal discourses about the self, health, and beauty and interpret them as footprints of either "preferable" or "rejectable" behavior.
As it happens in many other instances in which Cervantes has brought together a variety of characters that would had been easily classified following a binary oppositional paradigm, the characteristics of each group are diversified in a way that dismantles any attempt at monolithic constructions that group all Moriscos as rejectable. When Ricote and Sancho discuss the fate of the Morisco family, the group that had been labeled as the other within the nation's borders is represented as not at all monolithic.
reasonably acceptable (or at least not reasonably rejectable) to each