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intr.v. re·lapsed, re·laps·ing, re·laps·es
1. To return to a former state.
a. To become sicker after partial recovery from an illness.
b. To recur. Used of an illness.
3. To slip back into bad ways; backslide.
n. (rē′lăps, rĭ-lăps′)
A return to a former state, especially after apparent improvement.

[Middle English relapsen, to forswear, from Latin relābī, relāps-, to fall back gradually : re-, re- + lābī, to slide.]

re·laps′er n.
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Three children had onset of nephrotic syndrome at less than 1year of age, among whom two became frequent relapsers and one became an infrequent relapser.
The presence of substitutions conferring resistance to NS5A inhibitors has been widely reported both in therapy-naive and in relapser patients from Europe [10, 33, 35-38], USA [37, 39, 40], and Asia [41-43].
A chronic relapser, he enrolled in various rehab centers and a halfway house.
In the present study one relapser developed esophageal varices about 1year after completion of therapy and this could be due to pretreatment advanced liver disease.
Spirituality is the only way to combat alcoholism, Jung believed, and a "vital spiritual experience" is absolutely necessary for a chronic relapser to get and stay sober.
WEST BOYLSTON - Marcos Arroyo choked up as he stood up in front of about 30 other inmates at the Worcester County Jail & House of Correction to admit he is a "chronic relapser," and to thank his substance abuse counselor and his fellow inmates for helping him make it through the Relapse Prevention certificate program.
I was very determined, but I became a serial relapser all the same.
Haim, however, seemed sadly prophetic when he was interviewed by CNN's Larry King in 2007, calling himself "a chronic relapser for the rest of my life." -- AP
One of Mr Kennedy's closest political allies, party chairman Matthew Taylor, said his friend was a "serial relapser" battling alcoholism.
First, this model recognizes the unique career trajectory of the chronic relapser who moves in and out of the AA social world.
Glucocorticoids (prednisone) may be continued throughout pregnancy provided the patient is a frequent relapser. However, some providers recommend the discontinuation of glucocorticoid treatment.