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1. Of or arising from kinship.
2. Indicating or constituting relation.
3. Grammar Of, relating to, or being a word or particle, such as a conjunction or preposition, that expresses a syntactic relation between elements in a phrase or sentence.

re·la′tion·al·ly adv.
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1. (Grammar) grammar indicating or expressing syntactic relation, as for example the case endings in Latin
2. having relation or being related
3. (Computer Science) computing based on data stored in a tabular form: a relational database.
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(rɪˈleɪ ʃə nl)

1. of or pertaining to relations.
2. indicating or specifying some relation.
3. (of a word) serving to indicate relations between elements in a sentence, as a preposition (contrasted with notional).
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Adj.1.relational - having a relation or being related
relative, comparative - estimated by comparison; not absolute or complete; "a relative stranger"
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[rɪˈleɪʃənl] ADJrelacional
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adjrelational; relational database (Comput) → relationale Datenbank
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Peeva and Kyosev [30] developed a library for fuzzy relational calculus over the fuzzy algebra([0,l], max, min).
However, the suggested time allocation shows the theory based approach emphasizes more on learning the concepts like relational algebra, relational calculus, query processing and optimization, whereas the all-encompassing approach allocates lesser time and emphasis on these theoretical topics.
Actually, once problems in these fields are formalized in terms of relational calculus, these problems can be considered by using formulae of relations; that is, we need only calculus of relations in order to solve the problems.
Relational Algebra (RA) and Relational Calculus (RC) are core components of relational theory.
The topics include using knowledge management as a tool to improve decision making processes, a knowledge-based code clone approach in embedded and real-time systems, using knowledge management and aggregation techniques to improve web effort estimation, an empirical study of requirement engineering practices in the Pakistani software industry, managing knowledge in open source software test processes, a software system for grading diabetic retinopathy by analyzing retinal images, and demonic fuzzy relational calculus.
He includes exercises, a review of relational calculus, and annotated suggestions for further reading (including Date's An Introduction to Database Systems, 2004).
Experience shows that students can infer the rigorous logic, such as the tuple relational calculus, from natural language queries, but find it cumbersome to translate it to SQL.
In a way, monoid comprehension resembles the tuple relational calculus, but here query variables may range over multiple collection types, while the output of the comprehension may be of yet another collection type.
As a by-product, we obtain an elementary proof of the fact that parity test is not definable in the relational calculus with polynomial inequality constraints.
Completeness would rule out automation, since specification languages are invariably more expressive than the relational calculus, which is known to be undecidable [Schoenfeld 1979].

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