Relative term

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a term which implies relation to, as guardian to ward, matter to servant, husband to wife. Cf. Correlative.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Fear is a relative term and so I can only measure my feelings at that time by what I had experienced in previous positions of danger and by those that I have passed through since; but I can say without shame that if the sensations I endured during the next few minutes were fear, then may God help the coward, for cowardice is of a surety its own punishment.
Would you not say that thirst is one of these essentially relative terms, having clearly a relation--
Affordable home is a very relative term. For example, the price of an affordable home in Dubai is completely different from what it is in Ajman or Umm Al Quwain.
In a fresh research note titled "'Normal' is a Relative Term: A Fresh Look at The GE Power Model," Tusa says his 2018 estimates for GE remain below consensus.
"Moderation is a relative term. When people talk about eating in moderation, it doesn't allow them a clear, concrete way to guide their behavior," she said.
Konitz plays soprano on three tracks and ac- actually sounds sweeter on that instrument, though again, sweetness is a relative term with this man.
It's really no surprise that today's progressive independent retailers understand that, when it comes to succession planning, "family" is a relative term.
Slow here is a relative term, deriving most of its meaning from a rejection of the sped up technocratic world of "fast food." They argue that much of what we've learned about democracy has probably been focused on national politics, but that this distorts our ability to see the potential efficacy of local civic participation.
"No product is 100% 'green.' So, considering that all products use energy and create waste, green is a relative term. One product is greener for someone at some time in some place.
Poverty can never be completely eliminated as it is a relative term. In foreign countries 6% to 7% ratio of poverty remains despite their utmost efforts to eliminate it, he said.
"Nearby" is a relative term in astronomy, where the distances between stars and galaxies are enormous.
"Short" story is a relative term here as the stories are quite lengthy (five stories and almost 300 pages) in order to continue to build this brave new world with its infrastructures and inhabitants.