Relay battery

(Elec.) the local battery which is brought into use by the action of the relay magnet, or relay.

See also: Relay

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In [8], a threshold-based "save-then-transmit" scheme is employed at relays, the stored energy level in each relay battery actually forms a Markov chain over time.
We model the capacity of relay battery in two cases, respectively.
Tenders are invited for Supply of spares for kawasaki make zv-115 model payloaders of nk area,Solenoid valve, Valve assly, Relay Battery, Switch Magnet, Cable assly(Cabin),Cable assly.(Main),Relay, Switch assly.Starter
Tenders Are Invited For Construction Of New Relay Battery And Generator Rooms At 4 Stations
Tenders are invited for Major Repairs Of Station Buildings, Booking Offices, Panel Buildings, Ssp, Ofcs Rooms, Relay Battery Rooms, Height Gauges, Ladies And Gents Toilets, L.C Gate Lodges, P.F Sheds, P.
Tenders are invited for Repair Maintenance Of Ht Over Head Lines Ht Ug Cables Switch Gears Vacuum Circuit Breakers Relay Battery Bank Lightening Arrestor And Transformers At Deal And Irde Area Under Ge I Rnd Dehradun
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Micom P220 Relay Battery