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Diaz appeared disappointed over the relevation, as he wrote back, 'Ay, sad naman.'
That is the what it must have felt like last Sunday morning when Keir Starmer, Labour's Brexit guru, hove into view with the relevation that Labour now favour staying in the EU single market and customs union after March 2019, the official point of departure.
His most controversial claim, but quite possibly the inspiration for this entire book, is that "Proclus's praise of Plotinus as leading the way in the exegesis of the Platonic relevation is essentially correct." If the leading Platonist was right about Plato, then Plato was indeed a Platonist.
Coronation Street The Street says goodbye to Deirdre, with Tracy devastated at her dad's relevation her mum didn't want to come home because she was ashamed of her daughter's affair with Tony.
A Robinson Tranmere J Akpa Akpro Tranmere J Baxter Oldham J Garner Carlisle L Grabban PMadden Yeovil (Includes 1 for Carlisle) MRitchie Swindon L Akins Stevenage G Bowerman Walsall L Chadwick Milton J Hayter Yeovil K Lisbie Leyton G Tansey Stevenage | Leigh Halfpenny, pictured landing one of four penalties against the Wallabies on Saturday, has proved something of a relevation during the autumn international clashes SEASON BREAKDOWN Total league games: Home wins: 90 Draws:
Schmidt has also taken a chance on leaving out Sean O'Brien, who has been a relevation this season - and who really came to prominence with his two-try burst against Ulster at Ravenhill just after Christmas.
Petzschner's form this year has been a relevation. Even though he won an ATP title in Vienna in 2008, the German was still viewed as something of a lightweight in many tournaments.
The study followed a recent relevation that two thirds of US Dollar bills were contaminated with drugs.
Fittingly, both match winning goals were created by left-sided Colin Flood, who has proved to be a relevation, since he stepped up from the bench to take over from the suspended Wayne McDermott.
Painted prints: The relevation of color in northern renaissance and baroque engravings, etchings and woodcuts.