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Noun1.relief printing - printing from a plate with raised charactersrelief printing - printing from a plate with raised characters
printing process, printing - reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication
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The invention of this type of relief print is variously attributed to both the German Hans Burgkmair and the Italian Ugo da Carpi, early in the 16th century, perhaps prompted by the degree to which collectors prized chiaroscuro drawings.
create a relief print using linoleum as a printing surface.
One of our fifth-grade art-curriculum objectives is to create a relief print.
The handmade paper is very absorbent and makes a great relief print possible.
Place the relief print "ink side up" on the printing table.
Ancient art tells a story in "Relief Carvings: A Journey from Scandinavia to America" (page 42), wherein students contemplate the use of symbols in ancient times, learn artists often simplify images to express ideas, and ultimately develop their own symbolic language and create a relief print featuring it.
Students learned a relief print is created by applying ink to the raised surface and taking an impression of a block or plate.
This symbol was then transformed into a simple relief print.