Remanent magnetism

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(Physics) magnetism which remains in a body that has little coercive force after the magnetizing force is withdrawn, as soft iron; - called also residual magnetism.

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But Mars's remanent magnetism emanates from massive, solidified flows below the surface and not on it, making it difficult to tell whether the magnetic imprints are actually the same age as the surface flows.
Remanent magnetism of mafic magmatic rocks, if primary, can provide paleo-intensities of the geomagnetic field at the time of crystallization (e.g., Macouin et al., 2003), thus providing constraints on processes in the liquid outer core.
On Earth remanent magnetization most commonly occurs when hot volcanic rocks become cool enough to reach the Curie point, the temperature at which the signature of the magnetic field at that time is "frozen in." Right now, Mars lacks an internally generated magnetic field, so the crustal anomalies most likely represent remanent magnetism induced in the distant past.