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Adj.1.Rembrandtesque - in the manner of Rembrandt
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(54) But although the signature may be false, the date may be right for this undeniably Rembrandtesque work, broadly handled with a bold use of impasto in the jewellery and dress details, and featuring dramatic elements such as the drawn curtain and baroque lighting.
Then in Rome Brown encountered the Italian masters; as he observed in his 1865 catalogue: "During my sojourn, Italian art made a deep, and as it proved, lasting impression on me; for I never afterwards returned to the sombre Rembrandtesque style I had formerly worked in" (Bennett 4).
It had been thought that many of them would turn out to be from the nineteenth century, when there was a huge revival of interest in the artist; thus the many poorer Rembrandtesque works were suspected to be the work of forgers.