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1. The act or process of remedying something that is undesirable or deficient: remediation of the pollution from the factories.
2. The act or process of providing remedial education: remediation of poor writing skills in college students.

re·me′di·ate′ v.
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Verb1.remediate - set straight or rightremediate - set straight or right; "remedy these deficiencies"; "rectify the inequities in salaries"; "repair an oversight"
correct, right, rectify - make right or correct; "Correct the mistakes"; "rectify the calculation"
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The review on ERCIF, which is expected to be wrapped up within a month, will primarily consider how the company's plans to remediate its balance sheet would be affected by the management move, the agency said.
The ERAs goal is to assist these countries to remediate some of the most dangerous sites left by uranium production in the past.
Kaplan Companies will work with Chevron Texaco--the former property owner--to remediate portions of the 76-acre parcel that wraps under the base of the Bayonne Bridge at Avenue A and First Street.
The Burden of Gilt pegs the amount of money required to remediate U.S.
The federal government recently announced that Canada-based BluMetric Environmental (TSX-V:BLM) was awarded a four-year $4.5-million contract to remediate contaminated sites in Canadas northern territories.
Kaplan Companies will work with Chevron Texaco to remediate portions of the 76-acre parcel that wraps under the base of the Bayonne Bridge at Avenue A and First Street.
The agencies required these five firms to remediate their deficiencies by October 1, 2016, and file a targeted submission to the agencies detailing the remediation.
EnCase Endpoint Security The #1 ranked endpoint detection and response solution by Gartner EnCase Endpoint Security enables cybersecurity professionals to proactively detect and remediate hidden security risks that can result in the loss of highly valuable data.
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC (EA), a leading provider of interdisciplinary environmental services, announced today that it has been awarded a competitive contract for the testing of thermal desorption technology to remediate simulated mustard agent contaminated soils.
Woodmont and Scannell will remediate the dormant municipal landfill in order to prepare it for redevelopment--restoring the unutilized 50-acre site to productive use.
If commercial tenants or building managers are spending millions of dollars to remediate a mold infestation, how protected can real estate investors be if the mold returns in 30 days?
Tenable Network Security, Inc., a global leader transforming security technology for the business needs of tomorrow, announced today a technology partnership with ServiceNow, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, to help Service Now Security Operations customers identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.