n.1.A remnant.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Discussing the semantic range of remenant, Hunter argues the "notion of the 'remenant' structures many parts of the tale: the mental images of absent friends and experiences, the 'olde stories' that are composed and decomposed by retellings, and even the human corpses that silently demand the memorial attention of the living." (1) This notion of the remenant might be pushed even further--past the memorial of the dead that the Theban women of The Knight's Tale demand, past the survivors of the war, to the original occasion for the Knight's remainder, which he cannot articulate--a kind of conquest, subjugation, submission of female identity, through war, economics, and social structures that permeate the Tales, and like Henry's murder of Becket, cannot be erased and cannot be acknowledged.
[2.] Remenant B, Coupat-Goutaland B, Guidot A, Cellier G, Wicker E, Allen C, Fegan M, Pruvost O, Elbaz M, Calteau A, Salvignol G, Mornico D, Mangenot S, Barbe V, Medigue C and P Prior Genomes of three tomato pathogens within the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex reveal significant evolutionary divergence.
Blood disease is another type of wilting disease that affects the banana plantations in Indonesia since 1921 (Supriadi, 2005; Remenant et al., 2011).
war remenant in al-Shuja'iyyah, dozens of Palestinians are injured when Israeli
Et por la chose feire entendre, un essample vos voil aprendre : ausi con li mireors montre les choses qui sont a l'encontre et i voit l'en sanz coverture et lor color et lor figure, tot autresi vos di por voir que li cristaus sanz decevoir tot l'estre dou vergier encuse a celui que en leve muse; car torjors, quel que part qu'il soit, l'une moitie dou vergier voit; et c'il se tome, maintenant porra veoir le remenant; si n'i a si petite chose, tant soit reposte ne enclouse, dont demonstrance ne soit feite con s'ele ert ou cristal portrete.
Although it has survived only as a "remenant," he says, the remaining chapters of this book speak directly to the problem of clerical temporalities (672).
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Of al the remenant of myn oother care Ne sette I nat the montance of a tare, So that I koude doon aught to youre plesaunce.
The flood (and the sex) will be a one-night wonder: 'fy on the remenant!', as Nicholas airily tells John (1.
[Sigma][P.sub.1], and [[Phi].sub.1]] + [[Phi.sub.2]] is a remenant of [Theta] + [Gamma].