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n.1.(Law) A remission or surrender, - remittitur damnut being a remission of excess of damages.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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3d 646), Rule 1.510 (clarifying rules governing summary judgements), Rule 1.535 (adding a new rule governing remittitur and additur), Rule 1.540 (addressing the concerns raised in De La Osa v.
The District Court denied Fitchburg's motions for judgment as a matter of law and for a new trial or remittitur, and entered judgment for Heagney.
Where a plaintiff brought a personal-injury action against a bus company after she was injured when a bus collided with her bicycle, the trial court did not err in denying the defendant's new trial motion because the "amount charged" for medical bills could be admitted under either the former or amended version of the statute, and the judgment for the plaintiff is affirmed because the court also did not err in denying the motion for remittitur because the statutory cap does not apply to public employees arising out of the operation of motor vehicles within the course of their employment, and there was no instructional error.
The Fourth District Court of Appeal found that the trial court had abused its discretion in in denying the motion for a new trial and the motion for remittitur.
A motion for sanctions under Rule 11, SCRCP, filed by defendant nine days after remittitur from plaintiff's unsuccessful appeal, was timely, especially since one part of the consolidated appeal involved the same conduct at issue in the Rule 11 motion.
3 denied a motionfor judgment notwithstanding the verdict and a motion for a new trial or remittitur.
Rule 1.535 26-0-0 Adds a new rule that addresses motions for remittitur and additur.
Burns (Hennepin County)     Negligence Damages In an appeal in a negligence action brought by respondent-bicyclist after he was struck by appellant's vehicle, appellants challenged the District Court's denial of their motion for judgment as a matter of law, new trial, or remittitur on the grounds that the jury's awards for past medical expenses, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering were not supported by sufficient competent evidence.
verdict, and a motion for damages remittitur. The case is still pending.
Consider: ordering a new trial after a jury verdict is returned (including using a remittitur); or directing a judgment as a matter of law; or in managing class actions, gatekeeping settlements or attorney's fees.
However, the court, although agreeing with the jury's determinations of retaliation, pretext, and malice, ruled that the punitive damage award of $350,000 "shocks the judicial conscience" and thus, in a most interesting ruling, ordered a new trial on damages unless the plaintiff employee agreed to remittitur of the award to $50,000 (Vera v.
The district court denied the officers' motion to vacate a jury verdict or for remittitur, and entered judgment, upon the jury verdict, in favor of the prisoner.