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(word root) kidney
Examples of words with the root reni-: reniform


 (rā′nē), Guido 1575-1642.
Italian painter whose lyrical, idealistic works include the Crucifixion of Saint Peter (1603) and the Aurora fresco (1613-1614).


(Italian ˈrɛːni)
(Biography) Guido (ˈɡwiːdo). 1575–1642, Italian baroque painter and engraver
References in classic literature ?
John," some Della Robbia babies, and some Guido Reni Madonnas.
Galvanised by this clear hunger for open discussion, Reni decided to dig into the source of these feelings.
To close the celebration, Reni expressed gratitude to the people who helped her lead Ilaw ng Tahanan Publishing, Inc.
In frustration, Reni Eddo-Lodge has written a book on this lack of understanding.
The deadline for this year has gone and the big pull was obviously Reni, a good friend of his who retires this year.
Although it is not warts and all, there are blemishes including the moment in the middle of the European tour when drummer Reni, the most single–minded member of the group, refuses to come back on stage for an encore.
Action thriller, with Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen, Brian Thompson, Andrew Robinson, Reni Santoni, Lee Garlington, John Herzfeld and Art LaFleur.
But Squire, Brown, bassist Mani and drummer Reni were on form even if others weren't.
Reni Gower, Virginia Commonwealth University, curator.
Grandma Reni and PaPa have their five beautiful young grandchildren to visit on the farm.
All three girls worked hard at this very demanding position and kept us in games throughout the season," coach Pam Reni said.
When notes and presents from a secret admirer start appearing on her doorstep, including a copy of Thumbelina, she and her best friend, Reni, suspect the pizza delivery boy, Benny McCartney.