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v. t.1.To plunder; - only in the phrase "to rape and renne." See under Rap, v. t., to snatch.
v. i.1.To run.
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Je soutiens ici que ces changements influent sur la reaction des eleveurs a la crise et qu'ils touchent a deux aspects essentiels de l'elevage du renne chez les Inupiat : la relation aux fluctuations des ressources et, malgre le changement, la continuite de leur heritage en matiere d'elevage.
Renne of UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Geochronology Center, describe the work in the March 10 SCIENCE.
Asi, Plutarco Haza, Juan Manuel Bernal y Maria Renne Prudencio, (joven y novedosa actriz) garantizaban --a priori-- la calidad necesaria para un texto dramatico que, ademas, ya habia sido estrenado --hace diez anos, con no muy buena fortuna-- bajo la direccion de Hector Mendoza y con las actuaciones de Alejandro Camacho, Miguel Angel Ferriz y Patricia Bernal.
San Francisco City Attorney Louise Renne traced the steps of how San Francisco brought suit and the role that cities have played in the legislative process.
The clubs have agreed a fee of pounds 250,000 for the 33-year-old player who is being kept out of the first team by Stefan Mahe, a recent signing from French club Renne.
Renne Benoit's watercolour, coloured pencil and pastel illustrations convey a pastoral environment imbued with the bleakness of war.
Uno Transportation Institute, John Renne, Said : "This Program Will Fill A Vital Need In Training Louisiana Residents To Advance In A Well-Paid Industry With An Abundance Of Job Opportunities.
Professor Paul Renne, of the University of California, said: "The impact was the coup de grace.
Wisely beat Elmira's Dylan Sprangler in 1:38 at 126 pounds, Sanger beat Zach Puw in 1:01 at 138, Cinsmger beat Renne Saman in 1:28 at 145, Beach beat Hunter West in 1:18 at 152 and Lehman beat James Dandis in 1:20 at 220.
CUTLINE: Front row, from left are Renne Richard, Eric Giarnese and Sophie Briggs.
Radioisotopes-our clocks in the rocks-not only placed the new species in time, about 230 million years ago, but also gave us perspective on the development of this key valley," said Paul Renne, director of the Berkeley Geochronology Center in California.