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v. t.1.To plunder; - only in the phrase "to rape and renne." See under Rap, v. t., to snatch.
v. i.1.To run.
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The new calculations were made by a team of scientists led by Daniel Cordier of the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Renne, France.
Lily and the Paper Man written by Rebecca Upjohn illustrated by Renne Benoit Second Story Press, 2007 978-1-897187-19-7 (hc) $14.95 for SK to Grade 3
Owners James and Kathleen Simmerman said after they purchased the 2.3-acre property at West 11th and Renne Street almost four years ago that they chose the location for its visibility and its proximity to both the Eugene Airport and Eugene Freezing & Storage, where Oregon Lox stores its products.
Bridget led star Renne Zelwegger led the fun - but she had long dropped the English accent she adopts in the movie in favour of her native Texan twang.
Renne, BGC's president and a former IHO employee, conducted argon dating of volcanic ash from Gona as part of Semaw's research team.
PLEAJ UCU Northern Ireland chair Dr Renne Prendergast UNITEDn Lecturers stage a protest outside Belfast's Queen's University yesterday
Now, according to a report in Science Now, two geochronologists from the University of California, Berkeley, Leah Morgan and Paul Renne, have redated Gademotta using the argon-argon method, an improved technique for dating volcanic rock that is considered more accurate than the potassium-argon method previously employed at the site.
Nominated for the Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize were Maggie de Vries and Renne Benoit, Tale of a Great White Fish: A Sturgeon Story (Greystone Books); Sarah Ellis and Dusan Petricic, The Queen's Feet (Fitzhenry & Whiteside); Deborah Hodge and John Mantha, The Kids Book of Canadian Immigration (Kids Can Press); Catherine Jameson and Julie Flett, Zoe and the Fawn (Theytus Books); and Ellen Schwartz and Sima Elizabeth Shefrin, Abby's Birds (Tradewind Books).
Nicole Price led the Eagles in the loss with 11 kills, 23 digs and seven aces, followed by Katy Renne with 10 kills and Jenise Jones with 24 assists.
Professor Paul Renne, of the University of California, believes the meteors seeded the Earth with organic molecules, accelerating the development of life.
Renne of the Institute of Human Origins in Berkeley, Calif., and Asish R.
Lawrences' expert Jennifer Renne said: "It's a fascinating insight into a man far ahead of his time - and suffered the price of fame."