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God hath now blessed England, with a Queene, in vertue excellet, in power mighty, in glory renowmed, in governmet politike, in possession rich.
Ye haue here (good readers) a gardeyn or a paradyse rather of nette, propre, quicke, and graue sayenges of renowmed persons, in which to recreate your selfes, it shalbe as I iudge no les profytable, then pleasaunt vnto you.
The King of Denmarkes welcome: Containing his ariuall, abode, and entertainment both in the citie and other places (London: Edward Allde, 1606), 24-25; there is also a brief mention of the Fleet Conduit entertainment, without the text of the speeches, in Henry Roberts, The most royall and Honourable Entertainment, of the famous and renowmed King, Christiern the fourth (London: H.