adv.1.With renown.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The impressive thing about their latest win, Widnes's sixth from seven games so far, was the steel and resilience shown in the face of a renownedly physical and solid Wigan team.
The performers are not afraid to drive the music hard where appropriate, as in the finale to the E major Concerto, almost impatient with the courtliness of its minuet context; there is no silky blandness in these readings, even though the accompanying orchestra is the renownedly suave Berlin Philharmonic.
For instance, in claiming that the author of Beowulf positively avoids `repellent Germanic trappings' in his account of the hero's funeral, Schrader suggests that one need only glance at the renownedly antiquarian Eyrbyggia saga to see what might have been in the air, (my italics).
What struck him as unbelievable was not so much the report of cheating (later proven false) but that a school like Garfield-where the student body is 95 percent Latino, 85 percent poor, and mostly from families where their parents never graduated from high school-could produce even one student capable of passing the renownedly difficult test.
Secondly, the Dragons take a renownedly physical approach to the game which means you can usually expect a battle.