Rent roll

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a list or account of rents or income; a rental.
- Bouvier.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The multi-let portfolio comprises 1.16m sq ft of space of which 5.8% is vacant and has a contracted rent roll of GBP 4.89m per annum.
Although some 3% of NewRiver's FY18 rent roll has been subject to CVAs, less than 1% of the rent roll is in danger of ceasing - the bulk of which is attributed to on-going negotiations with New Look (IDR: CC).
It sold for 14 times the current rent roll at a cap rate of four percent.
The health service executive (HSE), the executive agency that provides Ireland's public health services, has committed to a new 25-year lease representing approximately 65% of the total rent roll.
The parade currently has a rent roll of pounds 50,050, but would have an estimated rent roll of pounds 67,500 if the lease were re-geared and two vacant units let.
These subtle observations might have been missed if the data had not been plotted because tenant A's above-average rent would not be evident from the tabular rent roll. Plotting rents often prompts further inquiry which can lead to additional insight.
As of the April 2018 rent roll, the property was 99.5% occupied, up from 97.7% one year earlier and 95.2% two years earlier.
It sold for $4,500,000, which was 16 times the rent roll.
The quoting yield on the property ( annual rent roll divided by the selling price ( is 7.1%, based on an annual rent roll of pounds 308,000, rising to 7.4%, based on market rates for the existing tenants' rents.
"The highly complementary, synergistic rent roll at the center, comprised of a high-volume grocer, spa, restaurants, banking and medical tenants, caters to the surrounding Asian demographic, drawing from a wide trade area and creating a truly unique shopping experience," said Dunne.